Oh Graciousness...

June 05 2006
So today I went job searching, I need a job and I'm poor, so yea, right now Jason's Deli is looking the best just b/c Laura worked there and they know her and they need a cashier.
and my bank is being stupid, and it looks like I'm going to have to pay about 60 dollars for 3 checks that came out to be only about 25, yea it sucks but my mom made me feel better about it today, but it still majorly sucks
On the other hand Girls State Was AMAZING!!! I had a blast and I can't express in words what it was like, however I know that if I go to MTSU (which I don't plan too) and stay in their dorms I will have showers that are too short for me, and a room that is very much to small for all my STUFF! However the KUC Grill was good, and I ate there most of the week, I also got to see fellow Murfreesboro people so that was cool, andyways I'm done, have a great day all!

^^^This is an idea of what the week was like, I know crazy!!!