Invisible Children Commute

April 30 2006

So we started at 8 and didn't actually get through security till about 11:30 yea, it took us 2(ish) hours to get to the church then we stood in line for another 1 and a half hours to wait for about 4 security guys to check ALL the bags you had w/ you, which for me was 3, my purse my change of clothes and my sleeping bag, then we got in, took a pic and my pic was totally screwed up b/c i think the camera was broken b/c both me and my friend's picture turned out all blurry, but anyways, then I went to the borter potty, which they were actually pretty clean, then I talked to some friends and was asleep by 1:30ish, then around 5:30 people started waking me up, not fun, but I got up and came to the Nutt house (my friend's name is Katie Nutt) so now I am here, eating a cinnamon roll and going to go watch a movie and catch up on sleep.


I was thinking about it, and I don't want yall to get the wrong impression, I had a lot of fun, and it was amazing to see everyone there to support the invisible children, and I am so glad I did it, i like to think that I made a difference, and hopefull I did, but I just wanted to make that more clear.