Phuse what?

June 08 2006

Man it has been forever since I've been on this thing! How is everybody? I'm still alive! By the way, this has been a year of brokenness for me. God has humbled me beyond content and I'm so incredibly thankful for it! I love you guys! Just thought I would update! If you want more description, talk to me in person! Adios!



June 08 2006
I feel like I never see you anymore. I guess a lot of it is from that two weeks in China. Well I miss you!


June 08 2006


June 09 2006
glad to see you're still alive. =) hope you're having an uberly lovely summer!

Heather Johnson

September 08 2006
hey dillon its was the weirdest thing...i signed up for this cuz myspace is fetting a little too crowded and i went to the post master or whatever nathan moore and he had a pic of you and amber it was cool i almost had a heart attack!!! anyway hi how are you