June 22 2006

you know, i would update more often if i had something to say. but i never do. i would also probably update more if people actually read it. but i don't think they do.

umm... mellophone is going rather badly. i can't play the music. i wish it would die.

french horn is going a little better. but right now i only have one solo to work on. on mellophone, i have to work on four songs for marching band. and i have to get my range back. it has gone way down.

other than that, nothing is going on. my life really isn't that exciting.

i don't know why, but i felt like putting that picture on this post. ruth and kyle are leaving. that's sad. but we're getting new freshmen. i hope they're nice. and i hope they are good. because if they aren't... it's going to suck a lot. man... my hair was long there. it isn't now. i wish it were.


June 22 2006
I read your entries, Mady, and it makes me sad that you don't post very often because I hardly ever see you these days. Love you!

Lauren H

June 22 2006
i read your entrys.... my hair looks really crappy in that picture... i know now not to wear piggy tails on the first day of band camp...

Kylie Boy

June 22 2006
aww. we are leaving, that makes me sad...but we'll be the freshman at our respected schools this time around, lol. if you need help w/ your music, you know where I live, lol. <3 see you at band camp!

Sarah Vermillion

June 22 2006
Are the tips of your hair turquoise in that picture or is that your shirt?


June 29 2006
Mady! Where have you gone? You weren't at Fazoli's! It is like my whole world is turned upside down!

Aaron Massey

July 04 2006
it was still fun though : )