some people

June 04 2005
some people are weird. i got online and some random person i dont think i know instant messaged me. the first thing they said was what is in my profile thingy. i asked who is was and they put my profile thingy up again. i asked who it was again. they put my profile thingy up again. then they put up (what i think were) other peoples profile thingys and/or away messages. i dont think i know any of the people who's profile thingys and/or away messages were being sent to me. eventually i told this person to stop. then this person said "im sorry. i was being gay. im (put name here)" i dont remember the person''s name. (i think the last name was stalk or something) then the person says "do you have a xanga" i asked if i knew the person. they asked if i had a xanga again. i waited a minute and asked if i knew them again. then they got off line. it was weird.

Nathan Moore

June 04 2005
yes. strange people. what is the cyberworld coming to?


June 05 2005
Don't talk to random people on the Internet. Just say no to them.


June 06 2005
that's creep