December 31 2005

So yea... life continues.

Nothing too exciting.

But just know.. I'll keep you posted.



rough times

September 26 2005
i want to go home.
life sucks right now.
you cant even imagine.

prayers please.


its been forever...

September 17 2005

here in martin. starting on the 3rd week away from home. i dont really care... ehh... going home this next weekend i suppose. cant wait to see nina and christina...and nikki! should be good times. i hope im better by then....

man- i have so much to do before monday. math 140 sucks major butt. like WOH. but i'll survive....i hope.

mettings all this week. wooop dee dah.

well- i think im gonna FORCE myself to do math... i have a test on monday. i am going to fail it. for real. GRR. screw me.

yall keep it real. werd.



September 03 2005

my T_blazzza IS FIXED! heck yes.


September 03 2005
its good to be home. i guess. heh... well- not really "being home" but the fact that i'll get to see atleast nina in the process. :) babysat last night and then again tonight...

im tired-doing laundry-updating you on my life-and doing h.w.


August 29 2005
college is alrite.. im glad classes have started. for real.... i was about to DIE... i didnt have anything to do and it was killing me... im in english right now about to head to biology. grr... poo on that.
im taking....
and general studies. (its a booty freshman class) grrr...

good times tho. i already have homework. and thats NO GOOD. heh....
hope all is well with yall....
love love love

well well then.

August 20 2005
roommate = STUPID and is going DOWN.

last night was sad... i said goodbye to some friends... and it sucked. buttt hopefully i'll be going up to ut to see all my friends!...hopefully.

well-im at work at the moment... and im not really enjoying it... BUT i need the money more than ANYTHING.

still no trailblazer...still getting fixed...i have to drive the most ghetto car ever rite now.... the NEON. you know...the paint peelin' runnin funny' piece of CRUD. heh... but hey, atleast it runs and has better gas mileage and gets me out of christiana and lets me have a life.


blow a fuse

August 19 2005
im about to loose it once more. iiiiii cant handle stupid people. (i.e. my roommate that i've never met) ive only talked to her and she's ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...i hate her. BASICALLY.

i just want to like, not go even more now. just say f' it and whatnot. and just stay here. but screw that. i cant do that either.

f' me.

-im out.

im outside of my mind.

August 13 2005
i think i am about to loose it officially... well, i think i already officially lost it.... perhaps i will again. cried again last night;but it DID make me feel better..... i hope i can get out of THIS phase quick...

so-at 2:00 in the morning, (i had only been in bed like 10 mins.) my dad knocks on my door and asks if he can open it.... he does and then he's like," umm.... yea.... i dont know how to say it w/out being corny...but i am really going to miss you when you are gone. i love you. do you thin maybe tomorrow night or something we could go somewhere special; just you and me? " .....this was a big step for dad i do believe... it meant a lot....

well, im in bell buckle running the store all by myself again... perhaps it will go by quickly... i can only hope.

comment people... COMMENT!


im crazy.

August 07 2005
last night was crazy-i like to party party...like the song-- i like to move it move it.... but yea...
holy crap.

last night was interesting.

Why hello there.

August 06 2005
So, im in Bell Buckle at work and yea, it is about to POUR DOWN RAIN. holy crap. heh. lol... its cool tho.

so-i got home a tad before 2 last night and woke up twice last night and then had to be here by 10 am this morning to run the store all day. gah- im just a tad bit sleepy and ready to go home! haha...if i had gotten some good restful sleep last night, i would been ok... but nope! i woke up over and over. grr! its been CRAZY busy today at the store...

i had thought i might go out tonight, but im thinking that i might just stay in... maybe bama might want to come over. hmm-who knows.

-i want to see dukes of hazard- among other movies.

im so random right now. i can hardly stand myself.

-so, i have a tiny white head on the EDGE of my lip on the upper one on the right side and it HURTS SO BAD. oh gracious-im gonna die.-

well, im gonna go. i need to straighten up things and wipe the COUNTER. ;)

packing sucks a monkey's toenail.

August 03 2005
still getting my things together....its hard to pack because im going through my clothes and giving a lot of it away, so packing is kinda rough....
just read my xanga... it was a long and meaningful entry to me.... i was pretty open about how i fell... doesnt happen often.

im off like a dirty shirt,

"oh what a night!" -like the song

July 30 2005
-that i sang to matt hurtt's voice mail night before last. lol...

last night was good. and thats all im sayin' ;)

sudden genius.

July 27 2005
i love all of my friends. i love you.

u know, its funny how unlikely people become friends and then good friends in a matter of like days... thats what happened w/ matt.... we didnt like eachother AT ALL and then BAM we're good friends and hang out and now we see eachother like everyday. HAH. it cracks me up. it realllllly really does.

but yes, i love you.

Fire Hydrant

July 25 2005
Today my friends, i was the hydrant it seemed. aww heck, it doesnt matter.... the next good thing will be so much sweeter.


i love my brit. green.


July 16 2005
I am so extremely and completely tired right now. BUT i am a TROOPER and am awake and at the store...(my mom's store) running it today...after work, im going home and going to SLEEEEEEP. so, im glad all yall are leaving "remarks"- i feel loved. haha....

Well, im gonna go. update later possibly.


July 15 2005
last night was fun.... went and saw SEETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND CROSSFADE!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP IT WAS AAMMMMAAZZINNGG.
then the activities in tha boro' after.... haha, bluesboro was fun. "crazynathan" was there.... all up on me... gah- laawhoosaaher. this guy FINALLY chugged a yagerbomb and THREW UP on himself and the floor.....haha. some people just cant take their liquor.....he was all like; "i like gin." hahahahha...

good times in the boro.

< so YEA, my parents are leaving for hotlanta here in a bit....so PARTY over here woop woop; party over there woop woop. >

much love,
give it a call,


July 14 2005

Can you feel it crush you
Do they complicate you
Because they make you feel like this
But you should know these Colors that your shinin'

Are surely not the best
Colors that you shine

Surely not the best
Colors that you shine

I know you feel alone, yea
No one else can figure you out
But don't you ever turn away from
The ones that help you down

They love to save you
Don't you know they would love to see you smile
But these colors that you shine
Are surely not your style

But you should know these
Are surely not the best
Colors that you shine
Surely not the best
Colors that you shine

I know your feeling like your lost
But you should know these colors that you're shinin' are
I know your feeling like your lost
You feel you've drifted way too far
Did you know these colors that you're shinin' are

Surely not the best
Colors that you shine
Surely not the best
Colors that you shine
Surely not the best (I know your feeling like your lost)
Colors that you shine (But you should know these colors that you're shinin' are)
Surely not the best (I know your feeling like your lost)
You feel you drifted way too far
Did you know these colors that you're shinin' are

sometimes lyrics say it all.....
(can't WAIT to see them tonight!)

"aint that the truth"

July 12 2005
take too many pictures, laugh too much, forgive freely, and love like you've never been hurt, because every second you spend angry or upset is a second of happiness you can never get back.

aint that the truth. bama said that on her xanga and i love it. so much.

so-we should hang out fo' sho' -anyone up fo' that?!

love love love,

i love work: work; work; work.

July 11 2005
well, its 10:23 and ive been at work now for 23 mins. haha. ive worked at the store quite a bit lately... friday all alone, sat all alone, and today until like 2 or 3 or so...

its all good though, cause its MONEY!!! :)

i CANT WAIT until tonight. i