June 20 2005
so .. i just randomly decided to make one of these when i saw stacys so .. here you go .. haha well i hope everyone is having a fabulous summer.. mines been interesting.. we can leave it at that .. ha but hopefully it will get better but until then ..

elizabeth duncan

June 20 2005
hi lindi! i miss you.


June 21 2005
hey this is random but o well ttyl bye


June 21 2005
hi, well i accepted your thing to be friends// but who are you? one of stacy's friends....well that is really cool have a great day :)

Tyler Bittner

June 21 2005
I think I'll follow suit with another random comment...

Big Will

June 21 2005
Hey lyndi. Same as me. I was bored. Lol. Join Me. Peace Will


June 21 2005
well hi lindi.. i'm wil:)

Stacy Freeman

June 21 2005
ahhh!!loopy lindi...wonder who came up with that one!haha!!i love you2!!! Stacy

Darth Vader

June 22 2005
fire on the poop deck!!!


June 22 2005
cute pic...

brett ireland

June 23 2005
oopy indi not loopy lindi... at least that is what the shirt says


June 25 2005
hey hey..um came across ur site so thot id say hey..hope ur doin good..cute pic..mk *peace*

Travis Milner

June 27 2005
hey watup man we need to hang sis i love u Travis

Michael Crowley

July 05 2005
dude me n you both i saw a link n it looked easy enough to make lol this is crowley..love ya bye