December 14 2006


i dont like phusebox.

i forgot i even had one!


June 01 2006

Life is not just something you can twist around and manipulate. Tomorrow is never promised to us. Don't take life for granted. Quinshawn only had one life, and he bet it all on a "game" of Russian Roulette...and he lost.

Rest in Peace Quinshawn-may your sould fly high and your spirit set you free.


May 12 2006

Sccchhhooooool's out for summer! 

                Sccchhhooooool's out FOREVER!

So, no more school for me. Fuck yeah. It is quite sad though. Went to Oakland talent show last night, had fun. Got kicked outta Taco Hell. Had Guitar Hero party. Woo hoo. Goin back to Oakland Monday to see Boss Tweed again. Thats all ive got...

This wonderful song moment made possible by Alice Cooper.


March 30 2006

Im in Texas right now, having a hell of a lot of fun. :-) So far we've went down to the boardwalk at Kemah, and went malling and such.

Tuesday we hung out with Alex!! And being the bad influences we are on each other, we convinced each other to get some new peircings. Yay. And then we grabbed a bite to eat at CiCi's. Had a damn good time.


March 18 2006

so pretty sure some kids got in trouble for their phuseboxes yesterday. *tisk tisk* at least if youre going to threaten someone, dont write it down.

phusebox blows like a bulimic (after thanksgiving dinner)..i dont even know why i have one.


February 23 2006
Ive decided to update for the hell of it. Nothing new lately. Going to get a new peircing tomorrow-it will make number 12. Other than getting my tongue done, i'll stop after this one...i dont want to look like i fell into a tackle box or anything.  :-P

A very bad day...

January 30 2006

Today was one of the worst days ive had in years...

First off, my car seriously went  crazy on my way to school, so i was stuck in the Walgreens parking lot. Then, i got to the hospital late for orientation for clinical internship. Luckily i found a way home from school (Thanks Trish and J Byrd). Then, as i was walking (yes, walking) to work, one of my friends from work just drives on by me on his way to work-didnt even stop. So yeah..im guessing its gonna cost me a few G's to fix my car, which means for the next few months or so i cant be spending any money. :-/

My penis is way bigger than yours.

January 19 2006

Im not sure what i want to write. Thus im writing a bunch of nothingness. Uhm..im goin to see Underworld Evolution tomorrow. I think its gonna be pretty damn good. All the vampires and lycans, AND Atreyu's new song is in the movie.

*Sigh* Im such a BAMF. :-P