July 12 2007

Sometimes I wonder what the rush is and why I cant be perfectly content with being single. I have friends and family and goals and God but I still feel like Im missing that intrical part of growing up. It seems high school romance is everyones dream but Its more than that... I want my Dawson Leery, my Troy Bolton, my Danny Zuko, my Johnny Castle, my Rick Blaine, my Cory Matthews. I want a soulmate. But is it possible that out of the millions of people that populate this world that we can actually find that one who is your true love. Or do we just eventually settle... when we know its too difficult to keep looking and keep feeling alone. One's  TRUE LOVE. A soulmate. A companion. Kindred Spirits. Is it possible? Or is it just another fantasy that Hollywood dreamed up to make us hopeless romantics spend the rest of our lives searching for the impossible that only happens on shows like Grease, Boy Meets World, and Dawson's Creek. Maybe it used to be possible but now there just arent any of those guys left. And those that are around want to be your "friend" or are taken advantage of by the Jen Lindley's of this world. Maybe Im just a typical teenage girl watching too much Dawson's Creek and dishing out just another dose of angst but I cant help but wonder where MY soulmate is... and if Ill ever find him. Because so far all Ive found are a bunch of jerks who cant see past the MTV and Hollywood standards that I dont meet and see that maybe Im an OK girl. Sure I mess up but in the end all I really want... is to be like Joey Potter and Topanga Lowrance and Sandy Olsson. Loved for who I am. I want to be a woman who is thought of as beautiful and smart and not just Meagan... trusty old friend. But maybe thats just who I am... the friend. One of the guys.



Randy Rodden

July 12 2007
That's what God's for. He gives us the one. Or else noone would find the one they're supposed to be with.

Randy Lewis

July 14 2007
I once heard a very wise man say, " Quit looking for your soul mate. If you really want to find him or her, you should be looking for God because He is the only one who knows where your soul mate is. He is thew only one who can bring you together with him or her." Makes sense, doesn't it?