October 08 2006

i can. i did/am.

so ha!

anyways... God is truly amazing...

He broke me tonight and i think im finally going to be able to heal.. after all this time.....

wow... i feel so peaceful...


Russell Rodden

October 09 2006
It stands for college and career Christian fellowship. Just a bunch of Christian kids with differen denominations and different churches getting together and fellowshipping. If you can come, we'd love to have you!

Russell Rodden

October 11 2006
Most of the information is on the post. This weekend (Friday night and Saturday) @ Cedars of Lebanon State Park. I'm sure we will be car pooling so just let me know if you would be interested. You can also just call my brother and he can hook you up with the info as well.

Jeana Lewis

October 11 2006
I miss you too, Meag. I really, really, really hate change and I'm terrible at good byes! I think when things are good they should stay that way forever! Love you, friend :o(

Aaron Massey

October 16 2006
sounds like an amazing night. God does amazing things to the heart and mind.. but even more amazing things to the soul. i'm glad you were touched last night. and thank you for the remark. : )