October 06 2006

A favorite toy.

A stuffed bear name "Teddy".

It’s missing left eye.

The twelth time mom sewed his tail back on.

A child’s love.

A shove on the playground.

Poking in class.

Getting framed for his mischief.

A stolen snack at lunch.

That impish little grin.

A young boy’s love.

A touch of the hand.

Sweet hidden glances.

Kisses goodbye.

Caution thrown to the wind.

A heart handed away.

It’s puppy love.

Purring incessantly.

Jumping up to greet you.

A wake-up pounce at four a.m.

Tails swished in your face.

A cold, wet kiss.

A kitten’s love.

A few dollars to go to the movies.

An embarrassing public kiss.

The push to do better.

Yelling that never seems to end.

"Unfair" rules.

A parent’s love.

Forgiveness beyond comprehension.

A hand to always help you up.

A peace to pass all understanding.

Loyalty no matter what.

A promised forever.

My God’s love.