Daniel Kimbell



Oakland High School

Favorite Music

the beegees baby

Favorite Movies

Bond...James Bond

I Played

September 17 2005
Ohh yeah I played for the last 5 minutes on friday night, I blocked multiple times, ran the hitch once, and ran the fade twice. Though coach never threw me the ball, I did good and I hope he see's film on me.

wut up

September 15 2005
Okay so there is something very important i figured out today. that sometimes you just need lay down in a white tee and basketball (or bassetball, to pico) shorts while tossing a football in the air, and to be drinking black cherry koolaid while eating a foot long subway sub.

wut up my homies

September 07 2005
Awesome new site, eh? ha ha i'm canadian.

So in football today i got a td, ohh yeah baby! I was running the slant when the QB, tyler burnett, threw me the ball. It hit me on my right side and on the CBs, chaission allen, left side, but i caught it then turned it upfield and ran and ran and ran. And when coach blew the whistle no one was around to tackle me. isn't that frickin sweet.by the way the reason my site name is kimbellsnbits is cuz that is what coach calls me.ohh and cuz 35 is my #.

So those of you that don't know, not there are alot of you, jolt cola is only the best totally high caffinated cola out there.

Your gangsta for the day: H 2 the izz O... bottled water for gangstas. ohhh yeah i got a shirt that says that at fossil.

be my friend, please, well if i know you! awesome!