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July 28 2006
dO PPL post 10 pictures of themselves a day...? OY!


July 09 2006

Lesson in life.

if u sell something..make them pay it all....

not just owe u 35 dollars.

cuz im grounded til he pays me.

and he wont pick up his phone cuz he knows he owes me.

my warped tour experience simply stated.

June 23 2006

went to warped.

volunteered at b4bc booth.

went backstage for underOath/Anti-flag/the casulties.

simply stated.



im working there again next year.

o o and sony moore..

is beautiful.


June 14 2006

I totally dont know who wrote that last entry....

probably stephy....

Yeah it was her...cuz i forgot to log off at Kelly's :x

haha loser.

hey pimps

June 13 2006

HEEEEY. I'm linz. I'm awesome and like yeaaaah that's pretty much it.


Ay, hay fiesta en unos pantolones. shaaaay

Im going crazy

May 29 2006
We're on break..and there is absolutly nothing to curfew is extended and i still cant think of anything to do that i've returned to being a internet whore... dang.


May 22 2006
Milly got Head Drum Major...and um im quite excited for her<3

Say What???

May 17 2006

Just a lil update...

cuz im bored...

and thats about it.

this weekend...

May 07 2006

it was fun.

i met tons of new ppl..

and i kinda got dissed by someone i really wanted to hang out with..but thats ok.

O and i got to spend all weekend with stephy.

she's my favorite..

thats the tall brunette in my picture...

haha of course im the shorty.

hello darlings

April 28 2006

ok so maybe i was a bit to harsh last time in sayng life sucks...

cuz right now besides all the backstabbing, hard core dancing and being single...

its all good..Karla is pretty darn cool and we invented the black hardcore dancing...and um well i got hugged so much tonight that its just a great feeling...

i love abby dee



ashley sometimes..haha

tyler my best friend

boys for always killing me with heart break but always keeping me entertained.

and last but not least...



i hate it

April 23 2006


April 17 2006
as soon as i'm ungrounded. abby dee brock and of course me are gonna have one. werd. i have to say this boy has made me and abby dee closer..i dunno y..but it really has. i love her.


April 14 2006
something that seem to be taking over everyone.

Coolest person he's met

April 13 2006

haha so Brock said i'm the coolest preson he has met in Tennessee...

pretty freaking amazing...

 i have only known him 3 days

but its wierd how i always find a guy that i like.

the day of ag day.

Back in school.....

April 03 2006

seem to be everyone's topic...

yeah it sucks..but just think about it..20 something more days til we are out...til august...

which i want it to be august..cuz then i turn 17...



March 31 2006
So i bought the new fftl cd...has to be one of the most amazing cdz ever...very trippy....

I've been thinking...

March 24 2006
Being single gets old.

So new Hair colour...

March 17 2006

so im going more natural now..screw heavy eye liner and fake colored contacts...everything today is so fake...kinda like my hair color..but her at least its a natural color and karla said it matches my freckles...haha

tell me your honest opinion.

work work work and little friend time

March 10 2006
so my life consist of working all the time and talking on the phone til 3 in the morning

yup in my black tee

March 08 2006

yeah so there is nothing to say...

but i really want comments...mhm



March 06 2006

=fag <3 haha kidding..seeing as i love that kid to death..

Strawberry limeade

March 02 2006

Karen made this...ihearther

So i left me and abby dee some sonic came back and yeah just going down the road when ur supposed to be in school listening to amazing


February 24 2006

So it always goes the same way.

Guy is interested in dealio

we hang out non-stop...

things get said that sorta lead u to believe things are going amazing....

then the thing pops up that says...

just a friend...

is it my i not.."flirty,clingy,slutty" enough

or am i just

but besides all that..

tyler at work is effing amazing...

i can't really say why cause then ppl will be like o here we go again..linz has a guy thats hot for her..

so im not gonna jinx it.

besides that yeah know im not a very Godly person..yes i am christian...but i am not that out there...

but i really want u guys to pray for me...

friends are going through some situations ..

and i really wanna tell my parents but i dont want them to hate her..

i cant lose my best friend...

Slightly confused...

February 21 2006

Ok so i realllllllly like him..

just sitting like that close to him lastnight whispering to each other about stupid stuff while everyone around us was being loud and completely of subject just made me realize how much i do...

i just dont know what is on his mind besides he still loves his ex...but they are just friends..i am blank

:::::yeah so crazy edit:::::



sp? and chris are should be fun...i hope...

i have to tell him something...but its gonna be hard to say...





February 19 2006

Shows u how disturbed Nick is <3