February 27 2006
ok, so I got a big ole jack in the box cheeseburger...warm...really
hungry...yea so I got home opened it up...and there is everything I
dont like on a burger on this burger...it was like ketchup, mayonnaise,
pickles, and everything else...with a little bit of meat in there
somewhere.... man...

but that was the biggest disappointment in a while...needless to
say..... someone.....has made me REALLY FREAKIN HAPPY!!


January 29 2006
So... ya know what sounds good right now? some _ _ t _   _ e _

haha..long story

whats up?


November 06 2005

Been a long time

The MTSU brass thing was fun, I really like the teachers over there. Life just seems to be chuggin along, how bout you?

Cake is amazing


September 29 2005
haha so i found out today that i almost got voted off the island before i was born....weird....


September 26 2005
haha...you know the little advertisement games at the top of most sites?

have ya ever found a really good one?

A hard one?

one that you play for like 30 min?

and then you think wow, im the biggest falure at life ever?

I have


September 23 2005
so i was looking forward to doing somethings this weekend, but no, why not give me 150 fifty deffinitions and have me write 2 sentences for each word.....and some journals would go nice with that....hmm....do....2 pages of math to....its good for you



September 21 2005
ok 89 in german...not so bad
95 in geometry...o right
did make up work for biology last night, and am doing more work now.....pray for my biology grade?


September 20 2005
so...yep....im tired.....

whats new with everybody?


September 19 2005
correction now i have a..........are you ready?



September 15 2005
like my new profile pic? cell phones are so amazing

so yea i have a 99 in geometry....iv never made that high in any math....

and im making a 67 in biology never made that low in science...i reallllllly want to get out of that class!!!

so who all's goin to get pizza fri?

I'm gona start over

September 11 2005
I feel like we can start to get back to regular life now.

I'm ok with everything, and I think I understand why everything happened the way it did...well at least my understanding anyway.

I'm ready to move on to a new life.


September 03 2005
Hey got a new cell 785-0064

call me

we won!


August 29 2005

A couple of nights ago i had a dream that i was in water...and i was floating on my back. I could feel the water rush over my face and i was holding my breath. I tryed to turn over but it took alot of effort, and when i tryed to lift my self out of the water i was to week. I was drowning then I woke up breathing really hard.

Strange dreams...

Friday night

August 27 2005
last night was real fun, i just like laughin that much....{turns inside out}

ha but when grant took me home last night we were goin down middle tennessee and a bunch of guys ran across the street, one with a cag over his head....BEER!!

ha...funny stuff


August 24 2005
ok well i can play again...for the most part...lost some endurance but i can gain it back

pretty sure mrs swan is not my favorite teacher...at all
3rd day we have our book we have done 3 chapters...its retarded

o and i failed my silas marner test....that doent make me to happy...

so...who wants to do somethin?


August 17 2005
It's amazing how one little tiny thing can mess up so much..it really is..


August 15 2005
i dont like having a phuse and a xanga..cuz when i write on one, i have nothing else to say on the other, and if i do, then ppl who only know my phuse or only know my xanga, miss the other part..hmm................

hey thweet thang can i buy you a fish thandwitch


August 13 2005
hey guess what....in 2 days...school starts...big time

arnt ya glad i reminded ya?

i love you to


August 10 2005
ok so its the end of wen. and we have 4 songs down with music....i wish we had done band camp eirlier so we wouldnt have to miss half the day cuz of school

but anyway...whooo

hey and this is the solo me and matt are gona try to work up for solo and ensamble

----> Our solo

thats just a sample


August 09 2005
hey so band camp is goin awsome, its tue. and we got 3 songs set, were gona get them all together with music tommorow, and maybe the 4th song?

the band is doing great, and were soundin ok to

lol i cant w8 to hear andrew's solo! so friggin high!

my feet hurt...