January 22 2006
This week has been so eventful but yet uneventful at the same time. Came back to school, unpacked, started new classes, went back to my church group, had Jaclyn cook me dinner, go see my friend who is at Vanderbilt med, Concert at bonehoffers.....and now im sitting here. Last night was interesting. My friend wanted to go to a party so I agreed to be her DD- afterall, I don't do any of that anyway and I wanted to make sure she didnt get into any trouble. So much for that, she left me at greek row, in the freezing cold, at 2:30 this AM- so i walked on back to scarlett, catching hypothermia in the process, then God Bless my friend Chris who drove me to get my car on the other side of campus (long story as to why it was over there) but now I still have my friend's keys and I havent heard from her. I wonder how she got back in her room? Needless to say- I have a new appreciation for cars, Jackets, and warm cozy appartment rooms.

gotta go meet Andy at the new starbucks in the Libarary! whoo

"and I know my God saves the day"

January 05 2006

"and I know my God saves the day"

January 05 2006

au revoir 2005

December 30 2005
wow its been like 20 days! Im glad this thing is back online. I'm home but unfortunately things aren't going too great here. Passion starts on monday and can you guess whos SUPERDUPER excited about that? Moi!!!! Thats all my church group talked about first semester 05. now I get to experience it too....very fortunate! We are so lucky in America to have such open worship Opprotunities...really! Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas, but please pray for those who have lost loved ones recently- there have been alot.

I can't wait to be back with you guys in the 'boro in just a few weeks!
lots of love *muah!*


fire hazard!

December 09 2005
well I wrote an entry but deleted it for my safety- let me just say I dont live with the smartest people in the world and one of them has come very close to burning down the appartment....and i fear its more than one occasion. This week has been emotional for many people I know. One of my best's broke it off with her boyfriend of 3 years, they were practically engaged, had everything planned, then poof! one day he decided that wasnt good enough and he was going to cheat on her....alot! Hes crazy! Literally! A mental case...and if you knew the rest of the store....whew! My best's roomate and i drove to belmont to try to kick his butt but he was too chicken to walk down a flight of stairs.

All this makes you appreciate how your life is and what you have, or what you dont have in some cases. Theres something about seeing people hurt and broken, I can't explain it- but it just makes you want to give them a big hug and a huge medicated bandaid to fix it all up.

had the first final today....it went alright- im just so happy to be finished. I don't think its hit me yet that I'll be leaving everyone I've grown to love so much for a month. I know that sounds silly but Im going to miss everyone. And its back to the old warner robins life where you have to walk on eggshells and everyone knows where you are going and what youre doing. i cant get away with anything at home...not like Im such a rebel- but still. Back to the other side of the double life. I know I've changed but still, I shouldnt have to pretend like I havent. This is the first christmas in a while ill be single, first one that the family is staying at our house, first one with out grandparents figuratively, first one where i know who my real friends are, and having majority of them be 500+miles away from me, and first one as a grown up. I know that sounds silly- i was 18 last year, but I have alot more responsibilites, alot more financial commitments, alot more time I have to be constructive with. ahh this is coming to be longer than I thought....oh well- gotta go!

so I really should update more

December 05 2005
So I really should update more....what an original opening line! well here it is, 1:37 am AGAIN! School is once again almost over.....Im ready for these classes to be over with but at the same time I don't really want to go home....really, what am I going to do for a month....with tons of family and sleeping on the couch. I'm ready to get everything moved and in one place finally! Our living situation isnt quiet what it used to be...like last year! There were things like our "You love me but you don't, over and over again" friend and stuff to keep things interesting! well Im probably not making any sense right now...Im pretty tired- even after that caffine buzz from joes. goodnight and sleep tight! Love4all!


October 07 2005
Hey Guys- Im going to be in MTSU Idol next month- please vote for me =) =) =) I will love you forever!!!!

new people

October 05 2005
haha theres a bunch more people on here from Warner Robins now....this is so awesome because when phusebox just came out it was only for the MTSU area...how sweet is that??? Thanks guys for spreading the word!!!!!

MTSU breaks SEC Vandy's winning streak

October 01 2005
OMG We beat VANDY! In the last 3 seconds, we got their field goal kick! OH YEH!!!!!!!! The best game I've ever been to!!!!!


September 30 2005
yay! friends from my highschool joined! this makes me happy.

heres some more things that make me happy:
*almost all my pictures are loaded on here now
* Honors Audio test moved to next thurs
* Parents visit tomorrow ( i havent seen them in almost 2 months)
*homecoming time is coming up=lots of fun
* Big Lil Sis week is NEXT WEEK!!! whoo!
*I hope we beat VANDY!!!!!!

a real entry for once...

September 28 2005
I'm going to try my hand at a real entry for once. First of all I must say that PhuseBox rocks my world and Im going to tell everyone one I know to get on and get going. So yeh- things this week have been nonstop, just like the last 2 weeks. I signed up to do homecoming stuff like FightSong and the float...which are going to take a whole lotta time!!! I gotta learn not to plan things at night I guess for the next 2 weeks. Has anyone gotten the new DCB cd? I heard its really good- hes going to be at Passion this year...and guess where I'll be...at Passion 06! I'm super excited and can't wait to go. Also- has anyone ever heard the book "God Is Here" by Steve Chase ( I think?). I keep meaning to buy it since I think it would be really encouraging to me. So I think my xanga has pretty much been abandoned by everyone that has facebook now...which kinda stinks because Im addicted to xanga, facebook and now this beautiful thing- im so happy about uploading pictures and having journal entries...but how can you insert pics into blogs??? Im not there yet I guess.

thought for the day: I'm seriously going to retire to Europe- I want to start a church and do the music....doesnt that sound like fun??? Straight from my "life verse" as I call it : Sing and Make Music to all the peoples....Psalm 108!!!!

Is Phuse Box just for Middle Tennessee?

September 28 2005
soooo....does anyone know if Phuse Box is just for Middle Tennessee Area...or can anyone from anywhere join???
I want to tell all my friends back home about this thing because it ROCKS!!!!


September 26 2005
Haha I'm new to this, and I think Im going to be addicted