Just because I love all you Phusebox using losers...

July 19 2006
Yea. I'm back. But only because I love you guys... And you all refuse to get a Myspace.


October 02 2005
Well, there you go.
Fall break is here.

My humps, my humps, my humps, my humps.....

September 25 2005
That song is like the thing that wouldn't die.

It's stuck to my brain.


September 10 2005
Who wants to help me "borrow" a baby?

Just in case you were wondering, borrowing isn't stealing... it's just taking without permission with every intention of returning it later.


August 30 2005
I've been out of this loop way too long.
I should definitely put a stop to this!

The Great Gatsby.....

July 25 2005
Doesn't suckall that much.
I know, I was surprised too. But then again, I liked My Antonia, so there are many who disagree with my position on literature.

Hey, hey! Guess what?! I want sime shrimp.
I was reading The Notebook earlier and Noah was cooking Allie crab, which sparked an odd seafood craving.

I'm only 70 pages into the book and already I'm like, "JUST STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND MARRY THE GUY!!!".

But, sadly, they cannot hear me. They're too busy being completely silly about their love lives and denying themselves every good thing that ever exsisted.

And I am off to do the exact opposite. Maybe go see The Island. Yeaaaaa. That looks really good, don't you think?

Have you ever.....

July 16 2005
Have you ever had a week that made you want to say, "Hey, my life kicks butt!"?

Candidates for new favorite band of me:

July 13 2005
4-Jimmy Eat World
5-The Killers

Who will win?
Any suggestions?


July 12 2005
Was pretty feakin' sweet.


July 11 2005
I love the almond frappes that Rachel makes for me. :)
They make me happy.
So do pretty things.
And kisses.
And my Gracie and Sarah and Tara.
I am in a loving mood.
I alos love the people who were at Starbucks today when Micahel G.'s coffee got spilt ALL over the place. But Aime was sweet and bought him another one.
Hee hee.
And now I am going to go watch people eat pizza.

Movie Theatre.

July 09 2005
Yea. Never close on the first day. Unless you have someone like A.J. Who is eternally grateful to him?!

That would be me!

Everything was fun except cleaning. Which is why I am OPENING today.

Ah, the excitement.
I was stocking the fridge last night and Ben made fun of my "skinny-ness".
He laughed at me trying to struggle to hold the door open and put drinks in at the same time. He was also infinitely impressed of my double-knotting of the trash bags.

My babies: Gracie, Mady, Stephy, and Rachie cam to see me at work? I bet I looked real official. You know, like I knew what I was doing.....

I've already been called into the manager's office. I haven't even been there for a week! Agh! It was Ms. Gates, so I was going to be like, "Hey, I'm friends with Frank Cole, and you let into the movies for free that once!"
But no, she just jumps in with, "If that color isn't out of your hair by the 22nd, I'm taking you off the schedule until you dye it back."
I can see we're going to have a beautiful relationship, her and I.

The green Icee machine exploded on me.
Then I accidentally gave a couple a medium coke instead of a large.
"I'm sorry", I pleaded, "It's my first day."
The lady was sweet and said, "If that's the biggest mistake you make, I think you'll be okay."

And Tara is coming!!!!! TODAY!!!!


July 08 2005
I have a job and a shiny bow-tie.

AND TARA IS COMING!!!!!!! TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so here it is.

July 05 2005
I feel blah, because things are blah.

Well, some things.

Like relationship things.
And eating things.
But otherwise, I'll live.


June 29 2005
Everyone lies.

Tasty drama.....

June 29 2005
I love drama.

So..... so much.
Whoever is doing it, I demand you stop. Right now.

Is there medication for this?

June 26 2005
I'm addicted. And sooner or later it's going to be the end of me.

You know. Chocolate milk. Gilmore girls.

And other such addicting things.

I agree with Grace.....

June 23 2005
Everyone is acting totally weird lately. I mean EVERYONE.
They should all stop. Immediately.

So it's hot. And I want to go swimming. I would say that none of you could see me in my bathing suit, but if you've checked the profile picture, then there you go.
I should wear a different one just to throw you off. But why does it matter.
None of you are thinking about me in a bothing suit anyway.
I hope.
Hee hee.

This be Sarah

June 22 2005
I just changed Jane's profile picture. You like it? I made it do that thingy where only the top is red. Isn't it neat?

-Sarah V.