Cars.School..and Hanuted Houses

September 29 2005
So I went by Riverdale this afternoon to have Staats check on my car bc it is still giving me trouble I really dont think those guys fixed it at all, but anyways I had alot of fun going back down there I know this is weird to say but I really miss highschool, I personally loved highschool and didnt mind going all day to class bc you were there with people you knew. But I enjoyed talking to one of my guy friends from last year he is such a doll and told me he would change my oil for me tomorrow if I brought it back so thats probably what I will do and go see my Nursery School Teacher to while Im there, gah I miss her and the kids!! oh well time to go get ready for bed Im pooped! and YAY for being off tomorrow night!! Im goin to the haunted woods with some people I work with Im super pumped yet super terrified at the same time wish me luck lol!!

P.S I dont know what I would do without you Rachel I love you!!!!


September 30 2005
i dont know what i would do without you either!