Starting Over....

September 22 2005
Its hard.

Sometimes you're faced with a cut that wont heal.


September 22 2005
i know

chris duncan

September 22 2005
yeah. but youve got your very own 'chris duncan' to talk to about anything.

Jonathan Moore

September 26 2005
Heak with God you can get through anything. BELEIVE ME! I thought some of the situations in my life were so so so helpless and pointless to fight but God has brought me from my dispair and refined me into what I am today which is so worth everything I went through. I mean when i think ultimatly, the times of pain and torture that I went through in the past year and a half are just temporary trials that have broken me down only to have God strengthen me even more. Wow it is amazing to say that now, but while I was in them I could say that and not really mean it because all i wanted was to of never gone through it in the first place. But now I can sit here and see just a snippet of what God has done in my life through the past year and a half and that is enough to push me on into the next day knowing pain might come again but in the large scheme of things God has a reason for it and ultimatly my task here on earth is temporary and doesn't compare to the wonderous time I will have in heaven. Anyways all that said, just keep taking steps forward and search for God in the situations you find yourself in. he is there and trying to guid and teach you. You just have to have the right mind and ears to hear him. :^) I hope things get better.