You just gotta breathe

September 07 2005
So its been about 5mths since it happened. Yet I still find myself thinking maybe I didnt make the right decision, maybe I shouldnt have done it, maybe I should have waited it out and seen what happened, I should have been patient and trusted, But I didnt, I jumped to my own conclusions to it all and listened to what everyone else said would be the better decision then what I truly felt. It sucks to hurt this bad and not let anyone know that sometimes my heart is still broken in two and that I still miss it all. Yeah time does help but like the saying says it doesnt heal all wounds. But enough bout my pitty party just had to get it off my chest, but whatever.

So anyways today was fun. Me and Rach worked out last night which was an expience all on its own. I love when Rach txts me and Im sitting right beside her hahaha, we are soo crazy and this definantly has to become and regular thing of working out lol! But im goin to go wash my car, but Ill see most of yall at church tonight! Love--