August 14 2005
You know those are really the only words that can describe my insanely crazy weekend. It all started thursday night had the rehersal dinner for my brothers wedding which was very fun!! Saw alot of old friends of his that I havent seen in forever. Then woke up friday morning round 8ish and relaxed bc I knew it would be the only time I would get to all day. Then left at 10:30 to go get my hair done. Then headed to work to get my check then headed home, didnt like my hair so I took it down washed it and headed to get mine and my mom's make-up done then back home to curl my hair then headed to Riverwood Mansion, let me tell you this place was GORGEOUS!! Well got there saw my brother for a few minutes then went and talked to Amanda for a minute then I got dressed and went down stairs to sit with my dad and ashe to wait for the guys to do there pictures, thats when it all started happening, I started cryin when Derek and the guys came out I was just bawling. Then I tryed to control myself so I went and walked around for a minute or two, then came back and sat around then ppl started arrving then it came to go and sit down outside for the wedding. It was a beautiful wedding, if you want major details ask because this is gotten long enough lol, but it was so pretty and Amanda looked amazing but I cryed throughout the whole wedding lol no surprise there. The reception was sooo much fun, didnt get home till 3 lol! Then slept till one on saturday then headed to work at 4 and got a very special visitor that night and that was sooo much fun!! Ahh love it if you want details on that one come talk to me too lol!!! But spent the night at a friends apartment saturdat nnight and woke up today to go to Derek's grad then ate here and went and got some Ice Cream with my girl Rach gotta love her! Then headed to Starbucks to meet up with him and that was nice he is soo nice!!! Oh and we got a new dog its a blue heeler and he name is Maggie she is a doll I love her!!! But Im exhausted and feel sickly so Im headed to bed and the pics from the wedding and graduation are in my photo box! Love yall if you read it all lol!!

And the profile pic is of my brother and my beautiful new sister-in-law!!

**So you stole my're the best I ever had***