November 28 2005
Well guys it has been a while since I have written anything on here. Tons of stuff has been happening over these past couple of weeks! School is slowly coming to and end Im extremely nervous about my grades but oh well things will get better I hope! Im slowly adding pictures on this thing Ijust get caught up in foing so many other things that I dont ever have time to work on this thing! Well my schedule for next year is ok I guess I have 17hrs right now but I will probably drop one class. I went and saw Harry Potter this past weekend with one of my brothers when he got in town, it was magneficant! I loved it! Thanksgiving was really joyous, Ashe Derek and Derek's wife all came over and then we played Scene IT! the dvd game, which was hilirious! I lost but oh well! It was still fun, wow that sounds really corny, and now Im boring the brains out of yall so Ill stop for now! Everyone have a great day! Much Love!

Haha Oh yeah to answer Nate's question nope I havent gotten the money to fix my phone! So if ya call leave me a message and your number if I dont have it! Please and thank you!


November 28 2005
so did you get your phone fixed?