This weekend was messed up.....

November 07 2005
So this weekend was insanely crazy had its awesome amazing points but had its huge down points also. Got to talk to a guy I dated my freshman year for the first time in a while which was fun and then hung out with Cordell a friend from highschool, I love that boy! But anyways the whole reason for this post is to tell ya bout my phone. The inside screen got busted up will bad, so I cant see any texts so dont send them I wont be able to read them and also if you try and call and I dont pick up and you really want to talk to me you gotta leave a message bc I cant see who I miss a call from either and it is goin to cost $110 to fix it and I wont have that kindof money for a lil while so until I tell yall otherwise this will how it will be until I get some money to buy a new phone!

 Well this is what the screen looks like:

Also I dont know anyones phone numbers right now so Im sorry if I stop calling! Well thats bout all I hope everyone has a great week and I hope mine gets better!

Garrett Haynes

November 26 2005
I saw u standing in the front of american eagle u looked sorta bored.