Take your cat and leave my sweater.....

October 19 2005
Ah gotta love Keith Urban!! So these past few days have been umm interesting to say the least got a HUGE scare yesterday on my way to figure out when I worked but every thing got worked out and all is wonderful again, but I found out I dont work at all this weekend which is good and bad! Awesome because I havent had an "official" week off since I started working there but bad because I have NO money what-so-ever which limits the things I can do lol! This entry is very random! haha love it! But yesterday me and my mom went to Target and I got the new Billy Currington CD can you say t-totally awesome! I love his voice its soo southern drawn and sultry(spellin) lol anyways I have tons of favorites on the CD already but its time to go eat so Ill talk to everyone later...Mucho Love!


October 20 2005
can i just say that you're the awesome one and the most beautiful girl!!! i hope classes are going well and everything is just peachy! lol!! take care and i'll talk to you soon!! love ya tons....sweetie! take care and stay strong!

Elisabeth Barber

October 20 2005
aH..you are so beautiful<3 i totally miss you. i adore you