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November 07 2005
if xanga rocks so much, why are you posting on Phusebox? 

warning: dont let this happen to you.

October 25 2005

Ok...so it goes a little something like this.

Let's say you're a college student.  You haven't exactly been dilligent about going to all of your classes - and it's your fourth year doing this.  You've pretty much come to grips with the fact that you're a B-C student, and you're ok with that, because that's what you've chosen to be.  You just want a diploma. 

Well, in order to keep this B-C average, you must do SOME work, and go to class SOMETIMES.  Right?  Right.  So lets just say that one day you pull out your Accounting 101 Syllabus to see what you need to do in order to keep up with the class.  And low and behold, you discover that there's a SIXTEEN FREAKING PAGE homework assignment due the next morning at 8:00AM, and your professor ALWAYS picks up your homework.  You know this, because you aways feel stupid in class as if you're the only one who doesn't do it.  Did I mention you discovered this assignment at MIDNIGHT the night before?  Well there's always two options in this case.  You suck it up and realize you're going to fall asleep on the first page, so you just forget about it and go to sleep, or you committ to an all-nighter in order to keep your grade...well...to keep a grade at all.  So...just, for fun, lets say you go for the all nighter.  You don't even stop, not once, to get on Phusebox, or Facebook...or even to grab something to drink.  You work dilligently, and get the majority of the assignment done.  You work on it all night long, and you still don't finish (we must take into account that your brain will function much slower in the middle of the night) the WHOLE thing, but the majority should get you a passing grade, maybe even a C or a B.  Well, you take your shower, and make it to class on time.  You whip out the assignment, ready to hand it in.  But as your professor always does...he goes over some other problems first, giving you a little time to double check your big assignment before you turn it in.  And time keeps going...and going...and keeps going by, until, wait a second, it's the end of class.  And you're waiting for the famous, "Ok, it's time to hand in your assignment" line.  But it never comes.  IN FACT, the professor acknowledges the assignment, but decides NOT to make it due on this day and NOT to make it worth 30 points toward your final grade like the syllabus said.  Instead, it's due 3 weeks later, with the next exam, and you get 6 points toward your total on the next exam for doing it.  Now that's not a bad deal, BUT YOU HAVEN'T SLEPT BECAUSE HE TOLD YOU IT WAS DUE TODAY.  So how does that help you today?  It doesn't.  Yout just walk around like a zombie, going to your classes, not retaining any information.  Of course you realize that it's your fault to begin with, because you should have checked your syllabus and started this assignment over a week ago, but still.  You have SOME  right to be upset about this little event.  Hmm.  Just imagine if that happened to you.  And you'll know how I feel.  Sad, huh?  


October 24 2005



I got my Switchfoot tickets today. Other randomness to follow.

October 20 2005
So today I recieved my Switchfoot tickets for their November 5th show in Athens, GA. They were addressed to my billing address in New Orleans. As you can imagine...I was pretty worried about them be forwarded to me. Well, they WEREN'T. They actually made it to New Orleans. My family no longer lives in our house there, but luckily my sister was down there for the weekend gathering some belongings, so she grabbed them out of the mailbox for me. In other Switchfoot news...

photo from JFCade

Their website states that their album has been certified Gold (sold 500,000 copies) by the RIAA. It's not on Billboard's website yet, however. Their album debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard Top 200 charts and is currently at #52 one month after it's release.

I don't care what anyone says...this is their best album to date. It may be darker than usual, but they are tackling issues that most Christian artists think of as taboo. They're connecting with people. Way to be, Switchfoot.

I'm predicting their next single to be Lonely Nation or The Shadow Proves the Sunshine, though it may have to many LPM's (Lords per minute) in the second verse of the song. We shall see.

Later guys. See some of you on November 5th, hopefully.

Back from Illinois

October 20 2005
Well I'm back from Illinois. Meredith and I take a million pictures anywhere we go...but I think this is my favorite. Look at my photos for more. Fall looks awesome up there...

photo from JFCade

Echosflow on ChristianityToday.com

October 18 2005

Hey everyone - check out this review of Echosflow's project "Hope's Last Breath" on ChristianityToday.com.

I almost died twice today...

October 14 2005

...or maybe that's a little overdramatic.  But just after my post yesterday, as I was driving to Meredith's apartment to pack up and leave for Illinios, this brilliant driver pulled out in front of me as I was driving down Rutherford at about 45 mph.  Like a deer caught in headlights, she suddenly stopped.  I slammed on my brakes, skidding several feet, coming withing INCHES of broadsiding her.  Luckily, at the last second she tapped her gas and we were both spared.  I attribute much of the fact that  I didn't wreck on my brand new tires.  Had my old, bald ones still been in use...this could be a very different post.

THEN...driving at about 2:30 AM through Missouri, while Meredith is sleeping in the passenger seat, I almost had yet another collision.  I had been driving with my brights on for quite some time...and then on the other side of the highway I saw a truck approaching.  So I turned them off as a courteous driving should do.  Well, at the same time that I did this, two deer decided to cross the highway (or atleast try).  I didn't see them till I was withing...oh...20 feet or so...which isn't much to work with at 70 mph.  If I had been driving in the right lane, there would have been no chance at missing them.  One of them was standing slightly in my lane...but at the last second, as things seem to happen often this way, it quickly jolted back toward the woods.  Thank goodness.  That would have been quite a suprise for the sleeping Meredith. 

Well...needless to say...we're here and we're safe.  I'll be here till Wednesday.  Later guys.

Leaving for Fall "Break"

October 13 2005
Well, in about 5 minutes I am leaving to go to Illinois with Meredith to visit her parents. I have a ton of accounting work to do over the break though...ugh. Oh well. I'm so tired...I sure hope she's ready to drive :). Anyway...hope all is held down in the boro. What? Yeah. Later guys.

I is tired.

October 13 2005

I'm tired...but I can't sleep.  And yes, I, of course, have an 8:00 class.  And, to add to it, that 8:00 class is accounting.  Poop on accounting.   

This week 15 years ago...

October 12 2005
...M.C. Hammer had the #1 album on the Billboard Charts, after being on the charts for 108 weeks.

More relevant to our generation, probably, is that this week 10 years ago...

Alanis Morrisette had the #1 album, "Jagged Little Pill", and had already been on the charts for 113 weeks. The Dangerous Minds soundtrack took the two slot, and Hootie and the Blowfish had the #3 album after being on the charts for 129 weeks already.

That's insane. We'll never see people sell that many albums for that long ever again. Sad.

Calling all photographers

October 12 2005
Hey everyone...Echosflow is looking for a photographer to take some pictures for some promotional things that are going on. If you're interested, respond to this post...leaving your real name and where we can see some of your work. Thanks.

Go Vols! At the expense of Katrina Victims and your own dignity.

October 11 2005
So let's be serious here: is it really cool to hate on Katrina victims for the name of the UT Vols? Well, I guess so...If that makes you feel good about yourself. I came across a nice little phrase tonight on an MTSU message board, that goes a little something like this...

A UT fan writes: "Maybe those LSU fans should move to a little higher ground so they dont get washed away, somewhere like ROCKY TOP!!! GO VOLS!!!"

You know, some people's families from Louisiana were displaced (ahem) by Katrina. Please check yourself. Yeah. Thanks.


P.S. And may I ask, why do you go to MTSU anyway? If you're such a vols fan, shouldn't you just go there?

VIDEOS - Anberlin, Mae, Underoath, and Showbread

October 11 2005
Hooray for my third post of the day. Looks like I have a few addictions myself. Anyway, here are some links to some music videos. Right click to download them, or just click on them to watch them in a new window. Enjoy.

Anberlin - A Day Late

Mae - Suspension

Underoath - Reinventing Your Exit

Showbread - Mouth Like a Magazine

And you thought you would never get addicted...

October 11 2005
...to anything. Well, I challenge you. try playing this game and see if you can quit.

Photo shoot w/ Leslie Dudney

October 11 2005
So...I put up a few pictures that I took for Leslie Dudney recently. I am working on her album artwork, and took these photos for it. Leave some comments...criticism welcome.

Jobs are cool...or something.

October 09 2005
Well I'm about to go to orientation for my new job...working retail is always fun. If I hadn't just come across this job, I probably wouldn't have applied for it. But it was basically handed to me. Come to think of it, that's how I got my last job as well. Hmm. I'm not complaining about coming across jobs like this, but I guess I would like to make a little more money doing something else...like graphic design. Or maybe photography, since that's my new obsession. I'll post some of my work later. For now...I'm off. See you laterrr