Question for the masses

May 15 2006
Why do you think God makes some people better looking than others?

eddie sally

May 16 2006
i think you look good johnathan.

Drew Mitchell

May 16 2006
So I can be jealous of you ! Thats why.

Rachael Moore

May 16 2006
beauty and attractiveness is from one's perspective. I might think someone is really attractive and someone else might not. So all of that is a matter of opinion not a fact. But! the fact is that because God created us we are all masterpieces! We all were created by him, for him, and in HIS image! To say that one person is not as attractive as another is saying that God is not a very good artist, and we all know He is! And I am not sure who you are talking about... but read those comments above. You are very attractive Jonathan. Be confident in the awesome man that God created you as.

Joshua Carroll

May 16 2006
I wonder that everytime i see you


May 16 2006
i think rachael pretty much said everything i was going to is in the eye of the beholder and God only makes beauty not ugliness.


May 16 2006
Whose better looking than you? Tell me that??


May 16 2006
I honestly think God sees us all beautiful the same but we are the ones who made judgements about who looks better then others... at least thats what I think

Garrett Haynes

May 17 2006
^^haha personally I thought Josh's comment was hilarious. I guess u could take that 2 different ways? lol. But yeah sometimes I wonder that too. But I guess God didn't intend for us to be the judges of who is better looking. He looks at the heart. ~G


May 18 2006
In His eyes we are all equally beautiful I'm sure.