August 28 2006

Elements of Dorm Life We Should All Experience//Things I Have Learned:

1.) Living above a trumpet player.  That, or someone who is constantly rearranging furniture.
2.) Showers that cut off for a split second every time someone flushes the toilet.
3.) A single shower that when you turn it on, thanks to a unique angle, hits you right in the face.
4.) All the rest of the shower heads are at chin level.
5.) Going to every campus event because of the free food.  I have raised Feral College Scrounging to new heights.
6.) The French exchange students live in Wood-Felder!!!!!  Yesssssssssssssssss.
7.) 'Low' on the dorm-room air conditioning is roughly equivalent to 'arctic tundra.'
8.) Boys are evil [I know, I've only been here three days].
9.) Two words in reference to their sushi: 'Beige pickled ginger.'  ?!!!
10.) Ping pong is a full-contact sport.

Sarah Vermillion

August 28 2006
My, that sounds exciting!

Jessica Goss

August 28 2006
Which dorm are you in? I need to pay you a visit and return your lip gloss. It's been chillin in the rental ever since that interesting night...


August 29 2006
I totally have a trumpet player who lives above me and once he was playing his trumpet at 6 AM! Not cool!

the brian king kenobi

August 30 2006
i'll be in the boro on saturday, loser