August 12 2006

"Can I look at your Hillary Duff soundtrack please?"
*Shocked silence*

[It was just for one song, okay?!  Lmao.]

I smell like self-tanner and cigarettes, and can't quite scrub the Sharpie X's off my hands.  It's great.  Every Friday should be spent that way.  [Minus the whole Jessica's-car-towed-at-2:00-AM, but that's another story...]

And Shakespeare in the Park [ShiP?] is every Thursday-Saturday starting at sometime, all through the month of August.


August 12 2006
did you find out where the salsa dancing place was?


August 12 2006
Lol... it's ok, I like a few Hilary Duff songs too. Shakespeare in the Park sounds kinda fun... minus the heat of August... bleh...

Jessica Goss

August 14 2006
Damn those towers.