I Abhor Rain and Overcast Days.

August 11 2006

Proud new owner of an iPod nano.
Currently accepting name ideas.

Graham Central Station tonight, woot-woot.  I'm excited; never been before.

We all need to go see Shakespeare in the Park -- they're doing Macbeth, and my friend//future prof Todd Seage is a murderer!  He is such an amazing actor, seriously.  If you're in a scene with him, you can't help but do better just because he's in it with you.  It's like he has this spark that takes other peoples' work and amplifies it.  It's really difficult to describe.  Even performing an audition scene with him is a treat.  And yes, I have constructed an altar.  Errrr...

"The trouble with censors is that they worry if a girl has cleavage. They ought to worry if she hasn't any." -- Marilyn Monroe.

Sarah Vermillion

August 11 2006
Ooh, I haven't been to Shakespeare in the Park since the last time they did Romeo and Juliet. When is it?

the brian king kenobi

August 12 2006
yeah, what vermillion said: when?