Wednesday Night Parties.

August 10 2006

The following are not credited, to protect the guilty.  Bear in mind, all this happened within a relatively short frame of time.

[On purple] "It's like pink, with blue mixed in!"

"I just have no gag reflex."

"Don't eat salsa off the floor."

"Let's just fast-forward it to the part where Marissa dies."
*Room agrees excitedly.*

"...And we're about to watch Pretty in Pink.  Sorry if it's a little girly, but you weren't here when we made the decision."


"It's the sugar.  Wait, we haven't even eaten the sugar!"

"I'm going to spoon it!"

Plus various other quotes which involve spooning something [typical] or someone [less typical].

"[NAME], the apple's supposed to glow."

LATER, in another part of the jungle...

"[MALE NAME], let us put makeup on you!"
"Uhhh... Hold on, let me grab the vodka bottle..." [and a shot glass] "Okay, I'm all set!"

"Well [CHILD] was doing really well, until she put blush on his forehead."

"No dear, that's lipstick, he doesn't need more of that."

"I really like the blue sparkle mustache."

[MALE NAME] "It's not coming off!!!!!  How can a five-year-old put on makeup that solidly???!!"

"I feel pretty, oh so pretty... Hey [MALE NAME [the maquillaged one]], how does the rest of that song go?"
"Pretty, and witty, and ga-- Oh.  Dammit!"

"I was thinking more like Egyptian drag queen."
"So do you think we should do the aqua first, or the gold?"

"Ooh, photo op!  Let's add a sword!"

[Later, in the echoing stairwell near midnight] "Have fun with the porn film!"

Sarah Vermillion

August 10 2006
Good times? It seems like.

the brian king kenobi

August 10 2006
kelly . . . your profile picture is mildly frightening. in an attractive way, of course. ;P