New neighbors

June 17 2005
Hey guys I gotta request for everybody that reads this entry. I just got some new neighbors that moved in from clarksville, tn. Their names are Joanice and Dillion. I got to talking to them and God just hit me in the face saying "GET THESE GUYS TO COME TO BELLE AIRE." Joanice is 17 and Dillion is 13 but they are both rough looking dudes and look way older than their actual age. He made it clear to me that they are not christians but he did say that he'd never met so many christians in his life once he moved to m'boro which is cool! I got to share about my testimony briefly with him which was awesome and I told him belle aire was the place to get hooked up so he said he might go there and check it out. Praise God!!!! . I could tell that he was really looking for something and I just wanted to shout out what it was. He said if he had to give his "religion" a name it would be called a cult. So yeah to God be the glory for opportunities to better his kingdom and invite others to the party. Well that's about it God Bless.



June 18 2005
that's awesome! i'll definitely be praying!

cole brown

June 18 2005
thats awesome garrett..i love you talk to you very very soon.

Darth Vader

June 19 2005
ummm...theyll probably have it when we go

kaitlin gay

June 19 2005
i honestly dont know what im doing with all of this--hahahaha... thanks for helpin me with all of it! byeeee!! :]


June 20 2005
awesome playin yesterday man!