How u durin

June 10 2005
Ok here's what's goin on in my life...yesterday I went and played frisbee golf with josh carroll, eddie salley, and adam isabell. It was like really reall wet b/c of the rain and I ended up dirty and soaked. But still fun...even though I suck at it. Later that night I got some people together to play jailbreak at my house but we ended up with only 6 total so we made a fire instead! Fun stuff...tomorrow I am leaving for big stuf...I can't wait. I need a vacation...I haven't had one in forever b/c my last one got disrupted by a hurricane which was crap. BUT I'M SO READY TO GO TO BIG STUF NOW!!!! And in the very beginning of July I am goin to Seaside, FL with my family!!! That will be fun. Everybody have a blessed week.

Olivia ~AKA Liv~

June 10 2005
sounds like you are going to havea full filled week and i hope yall have fun! much love ~* Big O 8~

Darth Vader

June 12 2005
ur goin to the underground on july first rite?