some thoughts...

December 18 2006
Here's some thoughts going through my head right now.

  • Sucky exams are tomorrow...but its the last day of school.

  • I like all the birthday comments

  • wtf my birthday was like 3 months ago!??! ha oh well coolness

  • i like comments

  • i reallllly like comments

  • i'm hungry

  • papa murphy's pizza!!!!!

  • crap, i don't feel like studying for economics

  • if u wanna get me a christmas present...i need a new puppy. Mine unfortuneately got ran over about a month and a half ago. Most preferably i would like a boxer. I am also accepting personal checks. Just make them out to the "Garrett Gets a New Dog" fund. And don't tell my mom.

  • I also need a truck, if u would like to donate to that fund as well.

  • Christmas!!!!

  • Yeah CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!

  • yeah ima shut up and go eat now.
  • Elizabeth

    December 18 2006
    you NEED a little boxer puppy.. show this to your mom, no one could say no to this adorable face.. <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting"></a> and you definatly need a truck, bc that would just be awesome, and i think i would need to come visit just to take a ride in it and play with the little boxer puppy :) hope you are enjoying your pizza, lol you seemed pretty pumped up about that one.. hahaha . oh and i will call you some time soon.. the exams are keepin me busy but if you need a distraction from study calll me, other then that i will just be studying a way for anatomy.. :/ well i love you talk to you soon :)