Goo Goo Dolls

August 24 2006
Yeah, I freakin love them. I went to the show on monday with meredith...dang it was pretty much awesome. We got really decent seats (in the middle section) for the only $20 from some people that needed to get rid of tickets! It was pretty much awesome. I saw 6 people the next day wearing my same goo goo dolls shirt haha. Anyway, its good to have a computer again. I had to get mine fixed and it took them forever. So sorry if i haven't responded to comments/messages. But its late, and i need to go to bed. Talk to u all later.

kelsey shearron

August 25 2006
yea i did like it! it was a great concert..i know i enjoyed it and so did about 80497540329 drunk people..ha