August 20 2006
That's where my big bro is moving. Tomorrow. For 9 months. I won't see him for 9 months. Please have Tyler and Aaron Shew in your prayers. They are best friends of mine and its just not gonna be the same without them here. I know they have been called to a greater purpose though. That's about all for now.


August 20 2006
like i said in the other comment, tyler and aaron are in my prayers, and so are you and everyone, bc i know its going to be hard for you not to see your brother for nine months.. whew .. thats a long time.. i wouldnt make it.. i would have to like hike to thailand after awhile, if you are planning on doing that you would probably need to get a head start and go tonight.. haha well you know my bro is at college now and yours is in thailand, similar situations as far as brothers leaving the house lol exept mine is 45 mintues away and yours is like .. all the way on the other side of the world..but yeh im always here for ya g ha :) <3- liz