Words won't do justice for this post...

August 08 2006

I'm gonna miss yall..


August 08 2006
:) well arent those some cute pictures, i wish we would of taken more, but we will next time, promise.. i <b>love</b> you so much and i <b>miss</b> you so much :) your the <b>best </b>and yeh i just wish i lived there so we could all be hangin out right about <u>NOW</u>. mtsu is in my mind and that would amazing if we all ended up there, but i need to look and see how i can get a scholarship bc thats going to be hard with all the out of state crap.. ugh. ..hey you need to come down and do a little college visit to the wonderful Alabama, you can at least "look at it" but really we could all just hang out haha.. k well call me later or ill will call you bc i miss ya and i want to chit chat with ya bro.haha <b>much love- xoxoxo- liz</b>