July 27 2006
The fair last night was pretty fun. Alex puked on himself lol it was pretty sick. But yeah, i really needed to get out of my house for a change!!! I love my friends...they are definately God-given. Well, i'll be working 8 hour shifts the next 3 days, which is basically a big pile of SUCK!!!! But oh well. Come by the church anytime after 2:00, and i'll be there. Anyway, g2g to work...so...HOLLA!!!!! 7 DAAAAAAAAAYS...

kaitlin gay

July 27 2006
alex throwing up is like the nastiest thing ive ever heard. ew. anyways, do you realize that in ONE FREAKING WEEK sarah and elizabeth will be puliing into our driveways and giving us the biggest hugs in the WORLD?! i think i just might die. i really just might =)


July 27 2006
haha yeh im sittinghere on my uncles laptop, to be more detailed in sitting in my grandparents huge bathroom area with the littlest internet connection im like up to the window getting the neighbors connection haha its pretty funnny... it takes forever to go to different pages, but yeh that isnt a very pretty picture, alex throwing up... ugh .. gross.. anyone throwing up just makes me feel sick. yes and a week from tomorrow haha we will be pulling up in yalls driveways, running out of the car and basically giving yall the biggest hug you will ever experience, your neighbors are going to think some famous person is outside there house from all the screaming and hugging and laughing and just whatever we do .. haha just the excitment i guess haha its going to be crazy, when you said 7 days that made me think of the ring , not cool, but its ok bc im going to see yall in 7 freakin daysso im <b>excited</b> anyway im just bored tonight bc everyone is at the rehersal dinner and the "little kids" werent invited.. i didnt make the cut, im not a high school graduate yet. ha so i think you are at work alone right now so i know you are having the time of your life, ha k i will talk to you later :) loveee ya gareesha haaaaaaa this is such a long remark, sorry hah - lizzzzzzzzy

meredith taylor

July 28 2006
it was discusting!!! i hate throw up and i almost threw up along with him too!!!