May 20 2006
Well, I got sick. It never seems to fail when my parents go out of town. Got a bad cough and i'm coughing up snot...its pretty gross. Today I slept basically the entire day...and i've never done that before. I made the mistake of taking medicine for my cold that made me very after I woke up at 1:00 pm I went back to sleep and slept until 5. I don't think i've ever done this much sleeping in one day. Anyway, sorry if I didn't return your phone calls today. I'm losing my voice and you wouldn't be able to understand me very well haha. Parents called today, said they are probably gonna stay in south carolina until thursday, instead of coming home on monday. It doesn't bother me a whole lot I guess, but I am really starting to miss my mom. I'm kind of getting used to being independent and doing my own laundry and scavanging for food lol. I feel like i'm living the college life already, and I still have one year to go before that comes around. Well i'm going back to sleep lol. Congrats to Liz on her new car! Buenos Noches.
         In Christ,


May 20 2006
i sorry you are sick :( get better ok? it no fun being sick.. and you dont have your mom there to take care of you hah.,.. so that makes it worse. take some dayquil and nitequil and that will work miracles ... seriously.. it does it for me.. haha and thank you for the congrats in your entry.. that made me feel pretty speical hahha get better soon :) <3 -lizbeth


May 20 2006
POOR garrett i'm sorry buddy...I hope you get to feelin better and it already sounds like your gettin alot of sleep lol but ya I love you and hope you get better soon


May 21 2006
aww. gare-bear!!!hope you feel better soon!!