Missing the boro

July 06 2005
Wow I miss all of my friends back at home. I never used to get homesick at all, but of course that was before I made sooo many awesome friends that I am so accustomed to being around for a good portion of my time. Vacations are great and i'm having fun but to be honest i'm not much of a beach guy, it gets old fast. I would have gladly traded my place for somebody who wants to be here but couldn't, b/c they would enjoy it much more than I could. I am trying to talk my family to going to New York next year for vacation...and so far they like the idea! The only problem would be a place to stay...Well anyways just thought i'd let yall know that I love and miss you and can't wait till I get back home. Untill then...


Quote of the Day: (this was a conversation between evan and josh when they were chasing a lizard)

Evan: Hey it ran up that tree!

Josh: I'm gonna climb up and go get it!

Evan: Hurry up its getting away!

Josh: Wait...i'm fat...and i'm lazy...gimme a stick!


July 06 2005
haha! great quote of the day!

lisa marie

July 06 2005
no i dont go to belle aire.. but i know ppl that do.

Rebekah Minor

July 06 2005
we arent at school and i talked to you at school!!!! plus...you are at the beach! im jealous! blah ill talk to you from now on...sorry