Booya Skidadee!!!!!!!!!

February 11 2006
Today is saturday! This morning I went to meredith's house to see her dress for dbs formal and then I went to pick out a tux! I chose a 2 button tux with an orange vest and orange striped tie and it is P-I-M-P! I can't wait. So yeah i'm about to go over to abi's house for rachel nadeau's baby shower! And tonight is the valentines banquet at church and i'm gonna be a table server. Hopefully I won't catch any tables on fire this year!! lol. Anyway, have a great weekend!

Walkin' by the Spirit,

kaitlin gay

February 11 2006
iiiiiiii love garrett =) yalls formal is going to be <b>amazing</b> i cant wait to see all of yall in your dresses and tuxes!! =) i will see you tonight


February 11 2006
orange ? lol thats awesome... hahah i love how you said walkin by the spirt.. very cool :) - liz

kristen teeters

February 11 2006
thanks for the comment! wow a orange tux! wow that is pretty amazing! i so need to take ben! a month from today baby!!!! yes!

Jonathan Moore

February 11 2006
AHHHHH BOOOYAAAAAAA SKEEEEDADEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the post my man, bt i love the title even more!!!!!!

ami driver

February 11 2006
hey friend! your my one and only hero.. =)