Well hello again phusebox...

December 29 2005

Well I guess it's about time. Let me run u through my christmas break real quick.

Here's the 411....

Its been a sweet break. Saw some relatives, hanged out with great friends, got to spend some time with Meredith, and got alot of chill time. So yeah its been great. For Christmas I got a digital camera, which is really nice. I also got this awesome poker set which is really cool. I can't wait till Passion '06 I am really pumped about that. Well I guess that is it for now. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their break.

   - Garrett

Nathan Moore

December 29 2005
well hello again. passion is going to rock!

kaitlin gay

December 30 2005
yah well.. we should have make up stories more often!!!