December 17 2005

Feliz Navidad!!!!!

It needs to snow...

So this morning me and my bible study group, which consisted of clint, ben, michael gibelyou, rhett moser, and myself, went to the mall this morning at 10 am. So what were we doing there at 10 am? We went prayer walking. It was a great experience. Have u ever just walked around a public place and prayed for the people around you? We prayed that God would open up opportunities of conversation with people, and to be real with people. And we actually did get to talk with a few people just about what Christmas is really all about, and not this "Americanized" version of it where everybody is rushing to get everyone a gift. AWESOME experience. The feeling you get from the Holy Spirit when he is telling you to be bold and you do, is really amazing. You can't beat it with a stick. Well that's about all.


December 17 2005
Merry Christmas to you too garrett .. haha <33 - elizabeth :)