November 02 2005
I wanna take lauren nicdao's advice and break up with my high school. It's just not working out. I wanna go out with college.


November 02 2005
aww well thank you garrett .. you are sweet .. im sorry HS isnt working for you .. your time will come around to graduate.. it will be there as soon as you know it . hang in there .. lol .. that sounded cheesey .. hahah .. oh well .. ya know what im trying to say lol ..haha - elizabeth :)))))


November 02 2005
college is awesome...i don't know why lauren wants to break up with it...maybe b/c it's MTSU...i could understand that


November 02 2005
lol hang in there middle haynes....these relationships are supposed to be hard. and besides, if you break up with high school, the cops will be after you.


November 03 2005
you are my favorite!