July 21 2005
Went bowling scores got increasingly better. These were my stats:
game 1: 110
game 2: 135
game 3: 138
game 4: 143

It was thursday, so they had a special where its only a $1.50 per game. I blew the turkey about 3 times, which made me kinda mad (for all of those who don't know, a turkey is 3 strikes in a row). I went with ben, alex, john, meredith, ami, olivia, and aaron. It was a blast! Anyways, i'm kinda bummed out because I can't hang out with clint, rachel, and everybody else tomorrow and watch heavy weights because I have to go to my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary thing...blah. Oh well. Hope that you guys have fun. See yall later.

~ Garrett

check this out

July 20 2005
hey guys check this out. It's a SUPER WEIRD video of this car traveling along the highway. It was going to be a toyota commercial but the video editor found something SUPER weird on the tape. Look very closely at the car as it travels along the highway and see if u notice anything weird.

If you love Jesus...

July 19 2005
then leave me a flipping comment!!!!!!!!

Jerks re-united

July 17 2005
Well this morning I got the privlage of seeing an old friend...actually he's not that old....but he's been gone nearly a year. Me ben and john got to eat lunch with Josh hornbaker (aka jerk 817)....pretty much our favorite guy in the entire world. I mean, just look at my profile picture. Is that not the coolest? I didn't realize how much I missed his presence in our youth group untill we got to hang out again today just like old times. We talked about alot of stuff, and got to catch up on some things too. So it was cool to see all the jerks back together again (except for one jerk who is in orlando...alex...ahem.) Well I just thought i'd tell u guys about that. Have a good one yall.


If this doesn't make u laugh...then u need help.

July 16 2005
An elderly couple go to their doctor for a checkup. The man goes in first. "How're you doing?" asks the doctor. "Pretty good," answers the old man. "I'm eating well, and I'm still in control of my bowels and bladder. In fact, when I get up at night to pee, the good Lord turns the light on for me."

The doctor decides not to comment on that last statement, and goes into the next room to check on the man's wife. "How're you feeling?" he asks. "I'm doing well," answers the old woman. "I still have lots of energy and I'm not feeling any pain." The doctor says, "That's nice. It sounds like you and your husband are both doing well.

One thing though - your husband said that when he gets up to pee at night, the good Lord turns the light on for him. Do you have any idea what he means?" "Oh No," says the woman, "He's peeing in the refrigerator again."

This is also funny so check it out. It's called ebonics airways by shirley q. liquor.

the paradox

July 15 2005
this is something I got off of kash's myspace. It's pretty cool take a min. to read it it'll really make u think.

The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings,
shorter tempers; wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints; we spend
but have less; we buy more, but enjoy it less. We have bigger houses,
and smaller families; more conveniences, but less time; we have more
degrees, but less judgement; more knowledge, but less sense; more
experts, but more problems; more medicine, but less wellness. We have
multiplied our posessions, but reduced our values. We talk too much
love too seldom and hate too often. We learned how to make a living
not a life; we've added years to life- but not life to years. We've
been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the
street to meet the new neighbors. We've conquered outer space, but not
inner space; we've cleaned up the air but polluted the soul; we've
the atom, but not the prejudice; we have higher incomes, but lower
morals; we've become long on quantity, but short on quality.
These are the times of tall men, and short character; steep profits and
shallow relationships. These are the times of world peace but domestic
warfare; more leisure, but less fun; more kinds of food, but less
nutrition. These are the days of two incomes, but more divorce; of
fancier houses, but broken homes. It is a time when there is much in
the show window and nothing in the stockroom; a time when technology
bring this letter to you, and a time when you can choose to make a
You are the light of the world, my friends, now go shine!!


July 14 2005
I'm a loser!!

edit:: alex wrote this, not me. But I am pretty much a loser.


July 14 2005


July 13 2005
It looks like i'm due for a deep i'm gonna tell u guys (or the 2 people that visit my phusebox) what God has taght me in the last 24 hours or so. I've learned that people, in fact, are HUMANS and not rocks. Well duh, no crap shirlock. I already knew that is probably what your thinking. But really, so many times we forget. The other night I got slapped in the face pretty hard (not literally) after saying some stuff that had no consideration of other people's feelings. And then I think to myself, how many people's feelings have I hurt just to get a good laugh. It's not right...because when you take kidding around and being a jerk to a certain extreme, you have gone too far. There is a line, and I crossed it. But that just shows me my mistakes in clear and teaches me not to repeat and make the same mistake twice...and I don't think that I ever will again. It's when stuff like that happens that God says "The hour has come to wake up from your sleep." But that is what God has taught me, and I hope that you all will take that to heart.

In Christ,


Music Videos

July 11 2005
click here to see the 12 stones video for "Far Away" (windows media player required)

click here to download "The Way I Feel" video by 12 Stones

xanga is down again...i'm getting very frustrated with it. At least we still have phusebox!

Majesty (here I am)

July 08 2005
Listen to Majesty (here I am) by delirious If you haven't heard this song or you would like to listen to it again I would advise u to do's incredible.

i'm gonna get crap for this i know it

July 07 2005
Well i'm gonna prolly get alot of crap for this, but I think that after using phusebox and xanga I like xanga better. No offense to Nathan Moore, because he's done an excellent job running phusebox all by himself, and u can only do so much with an entire blog site that's been up and running for only about a month. I just like xanga because of all the creative things that I can do with my site and people actually leave me comments on it. Not that many people leave comments on my phusebox, but that's prolly because there are not that many people on it yet. So, i'll be updating my xanga most of the time, but I may update on here every so check back for updates. But seriously...check out my xanga...and u can prolly see why I like it better... Garrett's Xanga

Later - $$$ G-MUNY $$$

Missing the boro

July 06 2005
Wow I miss all of my friends back at home. I never used to get homesick at all, but of course that was before I made sooo many awesome friends that I am so accustomed to being around for a good portion of my time. Vacations are great and i'm having fun but to be honest i'm not much of a beach guy, it gets old fast. I would have gladly traded my place for somebody who wants to be here but couldn't, b/c they would enjoy it much more than I could. I am trying to talk my family to going to New York next year for vacation...and so far they like the idea! The only problem would be a place to stay...Well anyways just thought i'd let yall know that I love and miss you and can't wait till I get back home. Untill then...


Quote of the Day: (this was a conversation between evan and josh when they were chasing a lizard)

Evan: Hey it ran up that tree!

Josh: I'm gonna climb up and go get it!

Evan: Hurry up its getting away!

Josh: Wait...i'm fat...and i'm lazy...gimme a stick!

vacations rock my world

July 03 2005
Just in case u didn't know, i'm on vaca in seaside, florida. Wow it is the life here. We are stayin in a beach house that is really big and cool. It is me, my family, and 2 of my brother's friends (evan hammill and josh shew). Today me and my dad went fishing, but we didn't get much tomorrow morning we are goin back to rent a canoe. The lake we are gonna fish in has alligators in it! That is freakin awesome, I hope I see one (or catch one lol...yeah right.) I just got done watching the movie black hawk down which is a really really krunk war movie, that I would really recommend. Well i'll miss u guys this week...but not that much! Talk to yall later i'm goin to get ice cream! yeah!

< Garrett

edit:: The Great Gatsby has got to be the most boring and pointless book ever. I would almost rather read the entire book of mormon than read this supid garbage. Does anyone else here know how I feel?

I am skywalker

July 01 2005

Well according to the which star wars character are you quiz, i'm luke skywalker, which kind of fits me very accurately. Lol wow i'm such a dork. Well i'm headed off to FL tomorrow for a week i'll be back the following saturday around 6:00pm. But i'll be taking my laptop so i'll talk to yall via aim while i'm down there and let u know how stuff is goin. ttyl.

$$$ G-MUNY $$$

what's goin down

June 30 2005
Today was a pretty good day. I went to vbs where I broke down the stage and then me and jessica played w/ beach balls and hit each other in the heads went the other one wasn't stuff. Tonight I went with ben, aaron, john, cole, shelby, and olivia to see war of the worlds. It was a pretty good movie but not quite as good as I had expected. I would recommend going to see it though. On Saturday me and my family plus evan hammill will leave to go to florida and stay in a beach house! I'm not really much of a beach guy but i'll have fun, b/c me and my dad love to go fishing, so we'll prolly do alot of that. Not to mention there's tons of stuff to do in FL, especially since we are going to seaside. oh and on that last entry, I guess everybody knew that already, so I must be out of tune with my pop culture. oh well. Right now i'm sitting outside on my deck on my dad's laptop listening to Edwin McCain. Good stuff. Well that's about all I gotta say everybody have a great 4th of July.

new album from switchfoot

June 28 2005
guess what...switchfoot is finally making a new album. Bet u didn't know that? It's coming out sept. 13 (3 days before my b-day!) and its called "Nothing is Sound." Sounds cool check it out

A runners story

June 24 2005
This is something that was written by my friend's brother...I read it and was like wow...that's pretty incredible. I didn't even know this kid was capable of that. It was written by John Brookshire...he's a runner and he goes to Riverdale...just in case any of yall know him.

No longer do I rely on a gun to tell me when I can go, I have no blocks to give me strong starts, thier are no lanes to limit me with boundaries... and their is no clock to beat, cuz theirs no one to chase, and theirs no one chasing...their is no tape waiting at the finish line, and thier are no medals awarded for what I achieve, only this soul-seeking journey, when the person I am is no longer measured by milliseconds and I can finally look into the mirror and know that i'm enough.


June 22 2005
Here I am humbled by the love that you give
Forgiven so that I can forgive
Here I stand, knowing that I'm your desire
Sanctified by glory and fire

Now I've found the greatest love of all is mine
Since you laid down your life
The greatest sacrifice one amazing song.

what's happenin

June 21 2005
here's a quick update. Life is pretty good, not doin' much of anything right now. I'm still waiting on salt and pepper to call me back, to see if i have a job or not. I'm prolly goin by there today. I miss all my friends that are out of town. Hopefully we can play flashlight tag tonight with the ones that r in town. Well that's pretty much it. Later ~Garrett

New neighbors

June 17 2005
Hey guys I gotta request for everybody that reads this entry. I just got some new neighbors that moved in from clarksville, tn. Their names are Joanice and Dillion. I got to talking to them and God just hit me in the face saying "GET THESE GUYS TO COME TO BELLE AIRE." Joanice is 17 and Dillion is 13 but they are both rough looking dudes and look way older than their actual age. He made it clear to me that they are not christians but he did say that he'd never met so many christians in his life once he moved to m'boro which is cool! I got to share about my testimony briefly with him which was awesome and I told him belle aire was the place to get hooked up so he said he might go there and check it out. Praise God!!!! . I could tell that he was really looking for something and I just wanted to shout out what it was. He said if he had to give his "religion" a name it would be called a cult. So yeah to God be the glory for opportunities to better his kingdom and invite others to the party. Well that's about it God Bless.


I got Big Stuf Pics!!!!

June 16 2005
I now have the big stuf pics on here. If u wanna see all the pics and read my full length entry on big stuf, then go to my xanga. Here's the link Garrett's Xanga Site


June 15 2005
I got short hair yaaaaay it feels good. This is gonna be a quick update. Big Stuf was amazing. Congrats to John for leading somebody to Christ! Even though he didn't go to big stuf. I'll put some pics up later for yall to check out.

How u durin

June 10 2005
Ok here's what's goin on in my life...yesterday I went and played frisbee golf with josh carroll, eddie salley, and adam isabell. It was like really reall wet b/c of the rain and I ended up dirty and soaked. But still fun...even though I suck at it. Later that night I got some people together to play jailbreak at my house but we ended up with only 6 total so we made a fire instead! Fun stuff...tomorrow I am leaving for big stuf...I can't wait. I need a vacation...I haven't had one in forever b/c my last one got disrupted by a hurricane which was crap. BUT I'M SO READY TO GO TO BIG STUF NOW!!!! And in the very beginning of July I am goin to Seaside, FL with my family!!! That will be fun. Everybody have a blessed week.

The Devil in Me

June 07 2005
Ok everybody needs to leave me a comment and tell me what they think about this AMAZING song by Ryan Horne. It talks about Jesus' point-of-view of the crucifixion. I know readin song lyrics can get annoying but please this song is worth it!!!!

Ryan Horne "The Devil In Me"

I can hear a baby crying in the crowd that stares at Me
They all lift their middle finger as they yell "Just make him bleed"
And it kills me when I see a child ask their daddy why
Then he turns and whispers softly that this man deserves to die

So I scream out "Father God, take the Devil out of Me."

I can see the men are cursing while they shake their fist in hate
As they cry out "Damn you God I wish that You were not this late."
I can see night thru their bodies at their souls with which I made
Then I yell out "Father help Me, I will die for them today."

So I scream out "Father God, take the Devil out of Me"

As I carry this old rugged cross here down this dusty road
I can see the hill where I will hang, it's where I need to go
It's been so hard to say "I love you" when you spit all on My face
but I'll hang here all alone to die to show Amazing Grace

So I scream out "Father God, take the Devil out of Me"

I am all alone, I here to die
I've seen your face just pass Me by
I watch My children stare while I just bleed
I am on My own, unbroken bones,
But My bodies been so bruised and stoned
By men who seem to think that don't need Me

But I am alive, yes I am alive