What a night

June 05 2005
Last night is def. a night worth mentioning. I went to my cousin's wedding in Clarksville, TN. Lol that was the first time I have ever worn a suit...and I had to go out and buy one! Well we get there and the wedding is good and boring and all but the great part was the reception. We go to my cousin's house and just start drinking all the punch and helping ourselves. Before I knew it i'd drunk about 4 glasses of this really good punch before somebody told me it had alcohol in it. LOL but luckily it didn't affect me any. They had free flowing beer there b/c my cousin works for budweiser so like half of my family was drunk and they wrote perverted things on the wedding car...lol it was pretty funny. I have never seen my cousin drunk before and it was quite a site. Well that's pretty much what happend last night. Later yall -


First Blog

June 02 2005
Hey this is my first blog. I already have an xanga and a myspace that I post on regularly but I figured I would support Nathan Moore for creating phusebox!!!! But to tell u the truth I like this better than myspace. We really appreciate all Nathan has done and hope that he does well in New York!

Later Yall