crazy night

October 22 2005
Wow, what a crazy night. There are so many different things going through my head right now...I can't even explain.


October 20 2005
I finally got my ipod! It is so krunk, so small, and so sexy.

Speeding Tickets and God's Grace

October 14 2005

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More Than You Think You Are
By Matchbox Twenty

Well today was a great day. Today in school we basically chilled all day, and we had a festival thing in the courtyard so we got out of 4th period. After school I was on my way home from the bank when I was driving down battleground drive and much to my dismay, not paying attention to how fast I was going. Sure enough I see a cop and realize that i'm going too fast so I slow my car down quickly. So he doesn't turn his sirens on but he starts to follow me. So I pull up and wait at a red light and after it turns green I start to go. I'm now "following" the speed limit and he decides to pull me over. Much to my regret, my tags were expired as well. But for some reason it was my lucky day praise God and he decides to let me off with a warning since my record was clean and my tags had just recently been expired due to my retarded car not being able to pass admissions. Tonight was the homecomeing game and me and my friends tailgated and then went to the game which was alot of fun. We got whooped, and I left after the 3rd quarter because I got a really bad migrane. So I missed the dance, but I wasn't planning on going anyway so its all good. Well tomorrow is my boy Josh Carroll's wedding! I'm excited, b/c me and John are driving up to Hendersonville for the wedding. It should be fun. Hope you guys had a great week and have a good weekend. This entry is way too long! Later -


P.S. This new version of phusebox is awesome! I am only a little disappointed that my background is gone...but I think I can definately live with all of the new features. Props to Nathan.

Check Out the New Video By Anberlin!!!

October 13 2005
Anberlin - A Day Late

I love this band with a passion...and its good to see that they are moving up in the music industry. They are coming to Rocketown soon so we'll be getting a group going!!!!


October 10 2005
well it hasn't been my best week ever in the MLB. First of all, the red sox are out, so that sux. My other team, the braves, lost yesterday in an 18 inning game to the astros. So that stinks. All I care about now is that the yankees lose! Go Angels *Runs around the room and flaps arms*

Survey thingy

October 08 2005
Hey guys, I got this little survey thing here. Normally these are kind of stupid, but I liked this one a little bit better b/c its more creative and it really makes people think to see how well they know you. So fill it out home dawg!

Your name:
Where did we meet:
Take a stab at my middle name:
How long have you known me:
Do I believe in God:
What was your first impression of upon meeting me:
Color of my eyes:
Do I have any siblings:
If so, what are my siblings names:
What's one of my favorite things to do:
Am I funny:
Do you remember one of the first things I said to you:
What's my favorite type of music:
What is the best feature about me:
Would you ever date me:
Am I shy or outgoing:
Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules:
Do I have any special talents:
Am I a pyro or do I play it safe:
Would you consider me a friend:
If there was one good nickname for me, what would it be:
What's your favorite memory of me:
What is my worst habit:
If you and I were stranded on a desert island, what one thing would I bring:


Some words of wisdom

October 07 2005

12 Stones - So Far Away

October 05 2005
Heck yeah this song gets my blood pumping!

photo from AbS BLaBs
lol, my heroine! Ami Driver you are HOTT

fall break

October 03 2005
Well so far my fall break hasn't been bad but not that good either. Kinda boring. But Saturday night was awesome! We all played football after the wedding and then went to sonic and to olivias house. I jammed my left index finger pretty bad, so its swollen and bruised. It hurts to type, so i'll keep this entry short. Have a good fall break everyone! Hopefully I will get to hang out with everybody. Well i'm going to bible study so later yall!



October 02 2005
Well I jammed my finger so its swollen like a pickle so I can't play football against AO today. I got ripped off for a $220 ipod and had to get a refund. Bought me an ipod nano off the apple website instead. Chris and Emily finally got married. It's fall break. My parents are gone for almost the entire week and left me here. I have really cool friends. And I just got the new Trapt cd. What's goin on with you guys?


October 01 2005
hello people of phusebox.


September 28 2005
yeaaah tonight was awesome and only 2 days till fall break! Can I get a heck yes?

The Hardway

September 26 2005
So I was listening to some stuff on itunes when I ran into an old but familiar song...The Hardway by DC Talk. I absolutely love this song...its just amazing. It talks about how we sin, but God is there with his mercy for us every single time...and we get back up. It talks about how we learn it the hard way instead of listening to God from the very beginning. We have to learn it for ourselves. But that isn't to say that God won't help us every step of the way when we put our trust in Him. Songs like this is why I still think that DC Talk is probably the best christian band ever to walk the Earth. Out of all the many bands i've listened to, i've listened to them consistently throughout my entire childhood and youth. The message is strong and the words are real. Check it out. Here are the lyrics, enjoy.

Some people gotta learn the hardway
I guess I’m the kinda guy
That has to find out for myself
I had to learn the hardway, father
I’m on my knees and I’m crying for help

Now I’ve been high and I’ve been low
I’ve been some places that you will not go
I never thought there would come the day
When I wished I never would’ve lived this way
But I’ve been searching for a long, long time
I thought the devil was a friend of mine
I turned my back on everything that was true
And wasted years that belong to you

It took so long for me to see
That I’m a victim of nature and me
Left to myself I realize
I am the maker of my own demise

But you accept me every time and again
And never mention just how selfish I’ve been
Why must it always take me so long to see
That I have fallen but you will forgive me?

The warning signs are like flares in the night
Still I proceed my greed is in spite of the fire
I know that’s bound to burn
Why is it that I always gotta learn...
The hardway, the hardway, I had to learn the hardway
The hardway, the hardway, I had to learn the hardway



September 25 2005
Currently Listening To: Jeremy Camp, Restored

This is a great cd

Edit: So I just ordered me an ipod the other day. I can't wait till it gets here! But I really paid up the butt for it though. Hopefully it will be all worth it once it gets here.

If you don't know this song by now...

September 24 2005
You have been missing out.


September 18 2005
Well my 17th was pretty awesome! Sorry for all you guys that got invited but couldn't come! We had a blast! Thanks to everybody that gave me presents! Lol, i've never been so rich in my life. I freakin love you guys you freakin rock. I've got the pics from the party in my picture box and on my xanga.

On another note, Clint asked me to speak to the youth group this wednesday night about what God is doing in my life. So please pray for me that God will reveal to me what I should talk about and that I don't get too nervous b/c this is my first time to really speak in front of a very large group of people to share what God's been doing in my life.


Nothing is Sound

September 17 2005
Switchfoot - Stars (the video) This video is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Just got the new album, and i'm loving it. Although not quite as much as the previous one. You must have windows media player to play this file. Later -



September 16 2005
Well today is my b-day! The only day of the year where I can get away with doing virtually anyting I want and giving the excuse that it's my b-day....ahhhhh I love birthdays lol. I think my new favorite song is "best of you" by foo fighters. It's a really cool song! Hope that everyone that went to the coldplay concert had a great time! But i'm not too jealous b/c in less than a month i'll be rocking it out with relient k! peace


The Condition of Society

September 15 2005
In many American schools the "Impressions" series is promoting the New Age and the occult. Some programs have students being taught that they alone are the ones who should decide if drug use is good or bad. Many school textbooks teach anti-family values, promote homosexuality, teach moral relativism, encourage sexual conduct, and, of course, instill evolution as a fact. In addition, they condemn the notion of a Christian God even being mentioned. Consider the following:
"When 10-year old Raymond Raines bowed his head and silently said grace over lunch in a St. Louis public school cafeteria, he was placed in detention for a week and told that he must eat in a room by himself if he continued to pray.
"When 30 Texas high school students gathered to pray at the flagpole before school one morning, the principal politely told them not only to leave, but to pray out of sight.
"In Illinois, a high school principal sent police to break up a similar prayer group. Two students were arrested."
Obviously, America (and the world) is in desperate need of the life changing gospel of Jesus.

I got all of that off of an interesting christian web site. It is a great place to go to do research on christianity, see what christianity has to say about other religions, and get statistics.

Relient K

September 14 2005
Relient K is coming to Rocketown on Oct. 11th which is on a Tuesday at 6:00pm...ima get some people to go! Let me know if u wanna go with us! Tickets are $20 at the door and about $30 if u get them online. You can order them at ticketmaster

photo from G-MUNY

Remember 9/11...

September 11 2005

photo from G-MUNY

I have no clue who sings this song...

September 10 2005
But it is AMAZING!!!!!

"Got the word, in my mind,
Got the sword, right by my side
I'm with the Lord, so devil you flee
Cuz i'm that soldier, that I want to be"

Check THIS OUT!!!!!!

September 08 2005
Guys...THIS IS AMAZING!!!! It is BY FAR the COOLEST optical illusion I have ever seen! Ben sent this to me in my e-mail and I was totally blown away. Just stare at the 4 tiny dots in the middle of the picture below for about 20-30 seconds. Then put your eyes on a flat surface, the wall works best. Then start blinking your eyes in a quick but steady motion. What do you see?

photo from G-MUNY


September 07 2005
Well...the title says it all. In about one week or dog will be dead. So with that being said...if anybody wants a short, fat, stubby little mut named Casey, then give me a call at 849-6925. We think casey is a weird mix between a golden retriever and a welsh corgey, but when we got her as a puppy, the owner told us the father was a black lab. I've just about come to the conclusion that a black lab, a golden retriever, and a welsh corgey had a threesome and one of them ended up birthing my dog lol. Sounds gross, but who could have happened lol. Heck, if u take my dog off my hands, i'll even throw in a free dog collar, feeding bowl, brush, and a pair of toenail clippers (which my dog despises...the last time I tried to use those things, my dog nearly bit my head off). But really, with all that being said, she is a great loyal and faithful dog. She is about 8 years old but she's goin strong. The only reason we're gettin rid of her is b/c people from a nearby neighborhood were complaining about her crapping in their yards (we trained her to crap in other people's yards and not our own lol...good dog!) So somebody PLEASE take my dog! I would hate to see her be given away to the pound for lethal injection. So i'm pretty much obligated to get rid of her. Who knows, if nobody takes her, I might just sell her on ebay. Lol, but the package cost would probably be around $800 to ship her b/c she weighs so much lol. I don't have a pic of the dog, but just picture in your head a hotdog. Then add golden fur, about 200 lbs, a head and a tail, and some very short legs. There ya go, u got Casey. Well that's enough info about my dog. But she is up for CALL NOW!!! 849-6925