My Doctor

March 15 2006

Went to Langworthy's today..

wasn't too good of results.. not allowed to have caffeine anymore, no chocolate, light on the calcium, and this doesn't deal with it but i have to become more flexible cause he couldn't even lift my leg straight up with me laying on a table. soo.. any dancers or anybody know any tricks?? lol.

   ok so..the not so good news, i have a cat scan tuesday at 1. have to be there by 11:30. no food 3 hours before appointment..and my last "meal" before it has to be all clear liquids. he said the cat scan was to look at kidneys.


March 15 2006
chad i hope you get better fast we can's have a sick chad cuz that's just not right. you will be in my prayers that is for sure.

Kylie Boy

March 15 2006
aww, I'm sorry. [| :'(


March 17 2006
no caffine. I Would DIE! IBC rootbeer doesn't have any in it! hehe: Have a great weekend:-)!