my day..

March 04 2006

Ok so Nissan training today was alright i guess. Met some cool people and had a good time talking with them and joking around. The training itself wasnt all too great. It wasn't the actual job training, that will wait til the last week of may when i actually start the job. I'll be trained for about 3 days with another person on the actual line and then sent off by myself for the next 10 weeks. But watching a movie on safety at 5:30 in the morning on a saturday with exactly 4 hours of sleep on you is not a very good idea. Oh well the 5k will be worth it in the end and the actual job is going to be fun and I'll meet alot of fun people.

Just got home from the greenway though. Am supposed to go bowling with a group tonight too. Should be a fun night. See ya!  Leave one..