Hey Hey

April 11 2006
Track meet today. Can't wait to race the mile. Hopefully it will be a good race. So BHS student council elections are tomorrow so yeah... if you go to Blackman vote for me asb vice president. <><

kaitlin gay

April 11 2006
ahhh! you and alex could be president and vice president together.. that would be pretty awesome!! i was going to come and watch yall with ami today, but i had volleyball, so i couldnt-hope yall did good =) good luck tomorrow with elections!

Cara Hawkins

April 11 2006
You did well..

Megan Polis

April 13 2006
Congradulations on VP!!!

ami driver

April 16 2006
ummm.. so i was just kinda lookin on your phusebox when i saw that aladdin was your first favorite movie!! can i tell you that that is my ALL TIME favoriteee princess movie?! oh my goodness.. <3 hah-- just thought id let ya know.. =)

Chelsea Turner

April 18 2006
has anyone ever told you that...your BERRY COOL!!!!! haha yes yes i know i am the first to tell you that..oh so original!!! haha!