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sweet nite tonite

October 07 2005
tonite me and a bunch of other guys are gonna spend the nite at zach (gggg-man)'s house. it's gonna be sweet and theres alot of people that are gonna be there. unfortunately i cant see Kristen till tommorow though, so that relly sucks. but its all good cuz now ill jus wanna see her even more. put your hood up.


Elisabeth Barber

October 09 2005
Glad things are going great for you. Keep smiling kidd.

Betsy Mcmahan

October 11 2005
Hey Josh! Thanks for the comments! Ihope you had an awesome day.

Elisabeth Barber

October 20 2005
hey kiddo<3 ms. beasley said hey. gaH everyone misses you at Riverdale. you need to keep in touch with us.. gaH..its so weird you not graduating with the class of 06 at RHS. we all love you kidd<3 never change, you are a great kidd