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im way too lazy to do my page

November 08 2005

man i never update this junk.  its not cuz im busy either.  i jus forget.  and oh yeah im reeeal lazy.  cya

sweet nite tonite

October 07 2005
tonite me and a bunch of other guys are gonna spend the nite at zach (gggg-man)'s house. it's gonna be sweet and theres alot of people that are gonna be there. unfortunately i cant see Kristen till tommorow though, so that relly sucks. but its all good cuz now ill jus wanna see her even more. put your hood up.


School Retreat

September 30 2005
today we got back from our school retreat which was pretty awesome. it was a small group of people, but sometimes the smaller groups are the ones with the better focus. lots of good singin and a great lesson from Skid as well as some great discussion with Brett.

do-nothing-day at school

September 27 2005
today we had a senior lunch day at Loveless the place where we got our pictures done for school. it was sweet cause we got like an hour and a half where we did nothing. this happens quite often now that we are seniors. Kristen is also coming to see me later on which is awesome cause usually i end up using a quarter tank of gas to go hang out with her on the weekdays. so today is pimpin so far. hit me up on here cause this place is frickin cool. pics comin as soon as i get home lata tonite. im out.